Hello World

 Always Evening at the SEAHAM HOTEL: : Launching The News now...

Woke from the noise of Suzzanne well them say its a voice she has, but what with Maxines hammers too who could link the mixes but valiant Les.Business008.png      it was a humbleing experience being all allowed to live in the hotel but Lewi helped to submerge it. "Nothing is allowed to be as big as this" that's how I liked to see little Lewi's approach to the World and, it never seemed to faulter 1st, wuh mixed ah was on mee last chance for not being Tom Boy. it was in with lost pals who I'd knew before in them times when everythings a giggle through a you see's. It was hard to note then coz of girl braves but now I see Lew & me traded I give him the eyes he give me the vains and so on slowly the eyes took everything up as there supposed to but lost to eez vains here for now then...Business007.png

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