— July 5, 2015

Hello World

This is my first blog post!

People003.pnglook back

                      The day Clare went to Ireland I needed an engine why shuh went defies even ridicule and coming back in perfect well you know I needed money to and now a need to know how to use her isn't that glam o'push in

The Start 1980's Blessed on with a car The life a left behind was

The loosers nothing there other than their famous boss who wants more and that's the only offer Me and Lewi had got re-aquainted we'd worked together in this factory under margeret thatchers private scene we were still cohoots with nothing other than wanting with nothing offering we had a look at each other his idea was I was in total shame and forced uz into a life cleaning windows like him which got us dinner petrol and mugs life to breed getting tight in ideas like the great band concept one grows into early in years lead me to leave home like her hers was over disco breeds and fairies they see ( the daughters I mean 2. ) I was the bad guy and made plane although it was the opposite way round as everyone knows now to Still she'd found something with cash to hide and that's forrascope in the car me and lewi lay low drawing attension like fools looking like criminals and thugs I in here and there and found a gap in the Whitley area with an Ed I knew to like finding his sense we struck out together in mad blues It was a whole knew world in Whitley Bay and this was just the start page. May MANTLE  http://alecbeauty.wordpress.com coz this log in stops with no refural reasons or a way back in. here note. http://www.wellmoviemanor.com down till we get log in right ....board fuse, o'ok. no on