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halftime - cones
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CN6ATeam Plan

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Match result from the Sawken ground a home win for by'll city rovers one goal a surprise shot just after half time by levergo put by'll 1 up and scrabbled to the final whistle to hold a 1 goal win shocker -- By'll finally get kick off and holding out brassbourgh at the end of the first half where the match shows a nil nil line ... Game 1, In the league result the Daffys get an away win to the Brasses at home only 1, goal in it Whitington the scorer made man of the match check the LEAGUE hear highlit show

reporter croad finished early the first game over finding henken they began to chat having had cause to before the lad wild over the match needed to see the goal again scored from inside the box whitington gets named by our season reporter

boardroom - brief
the chief directors pan out slips because of  early rises in the gates showing at main grounds the staff were to be informed if any new rules hatch
   international 1st, leg Arsenal V Hamberg CROAD


the country side league table

IT game 1 kick off 3! -  brassbourgh's home gate low up by 1  after the 1st half early penalty shot neatly put in by whiten the scorer final whistle after 90 same score



                                           the Paisely Princess

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